Become a USA Rank event

USA Rank events use the best, most objective ranking system to help run the best events.

Cost & Fees


zero, zilch, nada!

How do I become a USA Rank event?

To be listed as a USA Rank event you need to do the following:

  1. Include the USA Rank control on the front page of your site
  2. Add a question on your application to collect the USA Rank team key
  3. Send us your game results after the event to be included in USA Rank

How does this benefit my event?

  1. Your event will be featured on USATournaments as an event using USA Rank
  2. You can update your event profile so you can appear as a 'best match' event for teams
  3. By taking advantage of USA Rank, you will maximize the competetiveness of your event ensuring the best matches resulting in very happy teams that will come back for years to come!

I'm ready! Let's get started

  • Login to
  • Click on "Find Tournaments" and find your event
  • Click PROFILE or CLAIM EVENT under the event logo
  • At the bottom, click WE ARE INTERESTED IN BEING A USA RANK EVENT and click Submit

Have questions?

If for any reason you can't find your event or need help getting started, send us a note and we'll be happy to help you get started

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