Become a USA Rank Club

Get more exposure for your club by becoming a USA Rank featured club at just the right price.

Cost & Fees


zero, zilch, nada!

How do I become a USA Rank featured club?

To be listed as a USA Rank event you need to do the following:

  1. Update your club's basic information
  2. Post the USA Rank Club logo (below) on your website
  3. Give us the link to the page where you posted the logo so we can activate your featured club status

Why become a USA Rank featured club?

  • Your club's logo will be displayed on top of the USA Rank page as a featured club in your state
  • By clicking your team logo, people can learn about your club, get contact info and easily find your website
  • Users will be able to quickly and easily contact your club staff via email from this site

I'm ready! Let's get started

  1. Right click on the logo and save to your computer
  2. Upload the logo to your club website
  3. Include the link: (Change SC to your states abbreviation; ie IL, NC, FL, TN, etc)
  4. Click the contact us button below and send us a message so we can get your club featured

Have questions?

If you need any help getting the logo added to your website or have any questions about becoming a USA Rank featured club, we'd love to hear from you!

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