What events are included?

This is the most complete, incredible listing of full-sided outdoor youth travel soccer tournaments and showcases in the United States.  Our team is always on the lookout for new events and tournament directors are able to add to the list without charge or obligation.

What makes it "incredible"?

Various sites "rate" events.  Many sites use biased rating to promote their own business. Even those sites that provide unbiased ratings, provide a rating that is most likely irrelevant to your team because they do not have enough relevant results.. 
We have pulled together millions of statistics and provide ratings that use YOUR team's attributes and the factors that are most important to YOUR team to rate how well an event meets your needs.

So...how do we make the MAGIC happen?

If you have a SincSports login you can login and select your team from the drop down list.  Otherwise, you can select a team at the top of the events listing by entering their USA Rank team key or by the team name search.
Once you select your team, the listings will rate the events for YOUR team. 
We utilize the USA Rank database with statistics on over 100,000 youth teams to determine where your team stands and to rate all divisions in hundreds of "USA Rank" events.

What are the "Team Preferences"?

We examine your results to determine a national ranking for your team (an actual comparative ranking; not one based on points earned for participating multiple times in a vendor's events). However, only a team coach or manager can tell us what is most important to YOUR team.
Of the six criteria used to determine the overall rating of each event, a couple may be extremely important to your team and a couple may be irrelevant (like college recruiting features for a U11 team). Your coach and manager can specify on a scale from 0 stars (irrelevent) to 5 stars (deal breaker) how much weight should be given to each of the criteria.
An expanation of the six criteria (and how events are rated) is provided here.

How can I filter the list to limit the events that are displayed?

After you click SHOW we will retrieve up to 250 events and display them 25 at a time. You may use the page numbers to choose among the 10 potential pages.
Choose a starting date and ending date.
You may show events in all locations or limit the list to a state.
The events are normally listed in date order; alphabetically within date.  However, if you have selected a team, you can filter the rated events (USA Rank events) and list them from highest to lowest.

So...are there only a limited number of USA Rank Events?

To rate an event for your team we need all of the results from the event. We are gathering those results. It does not matter who the web vendor is. Our team is working every day to add results into the database and every day additional events are being included in the list. USA Rank and USA Tournaments commitment to excellence demands that we reach out and add results and events into the system daily.
Click the USA Rank Event link on any of those events and see for yourself how complete the list is. Every day we are adding USA Rank events that use our ranking data for acceptance and seeding criteria. Presenting a true "National" ranking system requires that results are used from events evenly across the country.
Although every tournament can be listed, premier tournaments are an intricate part of USA Rank in one of two ways:
star USA Rank Event star
The complete results have been entered into our database to support the calculation of rankings in the nationwide USA Rank system.  Additionally, these events have made a committement to the accurate, unbiased seeding of teams into their events by utilizing the calculations and data provide by USA Rank.  (Note: Some events are required to use a 'draw' or random seeding).
star Rank My Team star
The complete results have been entered into our database to support the calculation of rankings in the nationwide USA Rank system..